Everyday Faith and Prayer

We believe being a Christian is not just what you do on Sunday, but affects who you are and what you do, day by day.  Here are resources to help with daily prayer and bible reading through the week:

Morning and Evening Prayer

Faith in the home

Lectio 365 app




Pastoral Visting

The Church provides Pastoral care for our local community.

If you need to talk or would like a home visit, please contact Fr Jordan or a Churchwarden by clicking here.

Some of the pastoral care we provide includes:

  • Home visits with distribution of the Sacrament for the sick or terminally ill.
  • Emergency Visit to administer the rites of the Church.
  • Bereavement Support
  • Praying for those in need.
  • Helping with any questions about faith or the Church.
  • Support during a difficult time.

Be in touch...
If you would like to speak to a priest, or arrange an emergency visit to hospital or the home in the case of a relative being taken ill then please contact Fr Jordan McDermott: 

Tel: 01257 452777

Emergencies: 07843 186247