Sometimes known as a Christening, Baptism is the start of a persons journey as a member of the family of God.


FIRST CONTACT:  Andrea Cheetham

Telephone : 01257 451932


I like to speak to people and arrange to meet therefore I encourage couples thinking about baptism to ring me.  If I am not available, there is an answer-phone, and I will ring back.  Please speak clearly, particularly when you provide your contact telephone number.

Following our initial conversation you will need to complete a Baptism Form and various other bits of information.  It is helpful if you can return the Baptism Form as soon as possible through the online link provided at the end of the form, as one of the members of the Mothers’ Union writes out all the greetings cards, godparent prayer cards, and baptism candle boxes.

The information on the Baptism Form is recorded in the Baptism Register.  More information is available of the Church of England Christening website which you can reach by clicking the picture above.

To be baptised is a holy, sacred, special thing.  In the case of infant baptism you are asking for your child to become a member of the family of God.  As an adult, you are answering God’s call on your life as you ask to become a member of God’s family.  It is a great joy to be a part of your being incorporated (made a member of the people of God, the Body of Christ).

Hopefully the information on the following pages helps you think through what is happening at baptism and, if you are parents of an infant this information is intended to help you think through the responsibility you are taking on as you seek baptism for your child.  It is essential that you encourage a child’s godparents to read and reflect on this information.

If you would like to make an application for a Baptism please complete the online form by clicking here


I look forward to hearing from you.