FIRST CONTACT:  Andrea Cheetham

Telephone : 01257 451932

There are many things you will need to think about when planning your wedding.  We have two resources to help you.

Firstly, there is a Church of England website which gives you some general information.  Click here for help in planning your big day.  However, we know what works (and what doesn’t) in our church so please contact us for more details about getting married at St Mary the Virgin.

Secondly, we have put together a booklet to guide you how to plan your wedding with all the options and additions available at St Mary the Virgin.

The cost of your wedding is determined by the Blackburn Diocese for the Church of England, and is subject to annual change. The Church of England site gives you the most up to date information: just click on the image for more information.


If I am not available, there is an answer-phone, and I will ring back.  Please speak clearly, particularly when you provide your contact telephone number.

Following our initial conversation I will send you a Banns Form and various booking forms should you wish to request bells, choir, and St Mary’s florists. The Banns Form asks for the information needed for completion of the Registers and Marriage Licence.  The reverse side has some questions which will hopefully help you begin to think through your order of service and what you want to happen at that service. It is a great joy to be a part of the day you are planning, and to officiate at your marriage.  I look forward to hearing from you. Yours, with prayer  


Are a legal declaration that a couple want to be married – they are making public this intention.  The calling of Banns goes back to the days when people couldn’t read. Banns are called on three consecutive Sundays within three months of the date of the wedding. Banns are called at the main Sunday service which is at 10.45 am.


The costs of a church wedding are governed by the Archbishops' Council which sets a standard national rate.  However, there are local charges which can be added to your service to make it more personal.  The full list of charges is available by clicking here 


If you've like what you've read and would like to apply to be married in our church, please complete the online form which you can find here.  There's alot of detail for you to collect before you submit your application.  It's important to give us all the information we ask for.  Please allow some time for us to look at the form before we respond to confirm your booking.  If you want to get married at Eccleston Parish Church but do not live in the parish or have a 'Qaulifying Connection' you will need to apply for membership of the Electoral Roll.   We will need at least seven months before your wedding to process the application.  Please speak to us well in advance.